Radar helps improve 1-on-1 conversations in teams

The single biggest impact a leader can make is improving communication with their team

Build a healthier company and a happy team

Regular 1-on-1 conversations not only provide an environment for building healthy relationships, but also for addressing important topics that are not easily discussed in day-to-day meetings.

Radar makes 1-on-1s easy by taking care of the most challenging parts

Easy scheduling

With numerous calendars to juggle, just making sure that you regularly meet with your team can be a scheduling nightmare. We’ll book meetings on your behalf that fit into your busy schedule.

Hassle-free process

From setting the agenda to capturing action items, Radar acts as your 1-on-1 meeting coordinator. We ensure that both parties are prepared for the conversation, and that what you discuss doesn’t end up going nowhere.

Meaningful conversations

1-on-1s are a special opportunity for having direct, meaningful conversations. Radar helps guide the conversation and provides a structure where both the leader and team member feel safe and equipped to talk about what matters most.

Introduction and training

Easy introduction and rollout across an organisation through simplified onboarding processes and well-considered training materials.

Ongoing help and support

Our dedicated coaches are on hand to help when you need it most, whether it be in preparing for a difficult conversation or raising a new topic.

Lightweight tooling

Radar fits into existing workflow and tools, making it easy to adopt and flexible to continue to use on an ongoing basis. No need to install any new apps - just use your existing calendar and inbox.

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.- Peter Drucker